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👋👋 Hi It’s Julie here!  I offer complimentary sessions to people I believe I can help the most! PLEASE NOTE: This is only for people interested in working with me 1:1. I find a complimentary session is the best way to see if I can provide the results you are looking for! That is why these calls are accessible by application only 

They are strictly for people looking to invest in 1:1 support, so that they can leverage their Strengths, Reclaim Focus, and Thrive.  If that sounds like you, then please apply here.  (P.S. Data is private and all applications are confidential)

First things first, you know my name is Julie, what’s yours?
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What best describes you?
Where are you now with your ADHD?
I am going to ask you a few questions to make sure I will be valuable to you! The last thing I want to do is waste either of our time.
What do you specifically want to achieve with 1:1 coaching? (please provide some details about your goals if possible)
What do you think are the obstacles holding you back? (feel free to share any challenges or concerns)
What would success look like for you from 1:1 coaching?
Are you committed to investing in 1:1 coaching to support your personal and professional goals? (please note, Coaching is a tax deduction)
Julie only takes a select number of 1:1 clients as seeing results is her number 1 priority. Why would you like to work with Julie?
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