Navigating Neurodiversity:

Leading The Way In ADHD-Inclusive Work Environments

Empowering lasting change: comprehensive neurodiversity education, consulting, and building ADHD-inclusive workplaces.

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My goal is to help you:

Enhance individual

Build team capability through strengths

Transform your teams - leverage the different brains in your organisation

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How can I help you and your organisation?

Through my PACE Model, I can help organisations develop the right Strength-based solutions.

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Neuro Inclusive Audit and Needs Analysis

A comprehensive needs analysis and goal setting session helps to create clarity by providing data and vision.

I start by conducting a thorough needs analysis to assess your organisation's current state and identify areas of improvement. This analysis helps us understand your unique challenges, strengths, and opportunities, allowing us to tailor our solutions to your specific needs.

A quick win may be to look at your recruitment approach.  Download the Free Checklist below.

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Education for Managers and Team Memebers

We provide personalised mentoring and coaching for leaders, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to effectively manage and support neurodiverse team members. Our coaching programs empower leaders to create an inclusive culture where diversity thrives, enabling the entire team to flourish.

Through engaging and informative workshops, we educate your organisation about neurodiversity, its benefits, and practical strategies for fostering inclusivity.

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Custom Program Development

Co-creating a solution ensures your people are involved in developing and implementing the solution ensuring lasting impact.

Drawing on my extensive experience, and using human-centred design principles, we’ll co-create and develop customised solutions that align with your organisation's goals and values.

Whether it's designing inclusive policies and practices, optimising team dynamics, or creating neurodiverse-friendly work environments, our bespoke solutions drive lasting change and maximise the potential of your workforce.

The Pace Model

A Strength Based Approach

Missing Out on Hidden Gems?

Lots of companies talk about diversity and inclusion, but they might be missing the mark when it comes to neurodiversity. By not really getting what neurodiverse folks can bring to the table, they're passing up on some amazing talent and fresh ideas that could take things to the next level.

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Need More Support or Awareness?

Some organisations just don't know enough about neurodiversity, and that means they're not setting up the right support for their neurodiverse employees. This can hold people back from reaching their full potential, and that's a loss for everyone. It's time to change things up and make sure everyone gets a fair shot!

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I believe passionately that by embracing neurodiversity and building strength-based teams, organisations can unlock their full potential and achieve remarkable success.

Remember, your workforce is diverse and so it should be inclusive and empowering. Let's make it happen!

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Julie’s workshop on neurodiversity in the workplace was highly practical and engaging. Her presentation was rich in research and knowledge but also extremely practical and tailored to our DEI strategy.  I’d recommend Julie to any organisation wanting to learn more about workplace inclusion.  Huge thank you!

Midja Fisher, Director People & Culture, Rowland
Change Management

Julie has excelled at providing direct support and mentoring to members of the Executive Leadership Team.

Sarah Bulmer, Generation Health
Change Management

Julie expertly approached our project as a leader, bringing the right frameworks, discipline, style, and approach to ensure the right outcomes.

Wendy O’Keeffe, Head of Asia Markets, Nextgen
Change Management

Julie expertly approached our project as a leader, bringing the right frameworks, discipline, style, and approach to ensure the right outcomes.

Wendy O’Keeffe, Head of Asia Markets, Nextgen
Change Management

The program (that Julie led) has lifted the engagement of our sales team with their customers directly.

Ross McNeil, Coates
Change Management

Julie engaged the Sales Management team, aligned the thinking, and steered the programme from the start

Ian Schofield, Coates
Change Management

Julie was the go-to person for a complex engagement project requiring a skilled change facilitator. Within a short time, she collaborated closely with key stakeholders, conducted in-depth interviews, and delivered an exceptional plan.

 Flora Wellard, Beckman Coulter
Change Management

Julie has the ability to see solutions in situations that seem like turmoil to others. Her contribution to our business at a time of great change was exactly what was needed.

Georgie Blundell, Group CEO,  Sana Group
Change Management

You will rarely find a practitioner as well-versed in leading change through a people lens as Julie. The wit and fun she brings to the process is a massive bonus!

Manal Thomas, TDM Growth Partners
Wellbeing Workshops

Julie has such a beautifully authentic approach to her sessions, making it personable, fun and informative.

Coates Participant - 6 Ways to Wellbeing
Wellbeing Workshops

The content was awesome, and Julie’s presentation was always engaging and informative.

8Squad Participant - How to Embrace Struggle
Wellbeing Workshops

Julie is a great facilitator and expertly gets people to be vulnerable and feel safe. 

8Squad Participant - How to Embrace Struggle 
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